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Located in the heart of downtown Lexington, The Lexington Chamber and Visitors Center features over 2,000 square feet of meeting space. Our two spaces can be arranged for a variety of events such as bridal showers, corporate functions, conferences and more.

Our facility offers complimentary parking and is within walking distance of two major hotels, multiple restaurants and the Icehouse Amphitheater.

Call (803) 359-6113 to schedule a tour of our facility during these times: Mon.-Thurs: 9-5, Fri: 9-1

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With more than 800 businesses as members, The Lexington Chamber can help you find anything you need from caterers to entertainment.

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Alcohol Served


Rental Fees

Facility Deposit $250

Agape Community Room *Capacity 27-116 seated / 165 standing

Board Room *Capacity 24-36 seated / 45 standing


This form is not a confirmation of your reservation. Reservation is not confirmed until contact with a staff member is made and facility deposit is paid. Rental fee is required prior to the date of the event.

  • Cancellations made less than thirty (30) days from the event date will result in loss of facility deposit.
  • Facility deposit will be returned once a satisfactory inspection of the space by the Chamber is completed.
  • Catering chafers with sterno candles are allowed. No hot plates, electric frying pans or deep fryers allowed in the building.
  • Applicant is responsible for all setup, cleanup and trash removal. Refer to Check List provided in Community Room and Board Room for cleanup reminders.
  • Applicant understands that absolutely no smoking or tobacco products are permitted in the building and agrees to inform all guests of this policy
  • If alcohol is to be served:
    • Applicant is responsible for licensing and compliance with all state and local laws. A temporary license to sell alcohol may be required.
    • Applicant must provide Certificate of Insurance if alcohol will be present.
    • Absolutely no alcohol is to be consumed by any individual under 21 years of age.
    • Absolutely no alcohol is allowed to leave the building or be present outside the facility.
    • Applicant is responsible for the conduct of guests/attendees.
    • Applicant is responsible for any damage caused by guests/attendees.

It is distinctly understood and agreed that the applicant assumes all risks for loss, damages, liability cost of expenses that may arise during or be caused in any way by such use or occupancy of the facility of the Lexington Chamber and Visitor Center. The applicant further agrees that in consideration of being permitted to use facility they will save and hold harmless the Lexington Chamber & Visitor Center, and its Board of Directors and staff from loss, claims, liabilities, or damages, and/or injuries of persons and property that in any way may be caused by the applicant’s use of facility. This provision shall include any damages arising from the use of grills, games, recreational or other equipment brought onto the premises. The Chamber reserves the right to prohibit any illegal or inappropriate activities as it deems necessary.