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Wingard’s Market is a 2017 Best Birding Retailer Award Winner

October 24, 2017 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

Wingard’s Market is a 2017 Best Birding Retailer Award Winner

Steinhauser, Wing’s and Things Manager at Wingard’s Market in Lexington, SC was selected as the “2017 Best Birding Retailer” at the2017 Wild Bird Expo.

Wingard’s Market, Wings & Things Department of Lexington, South Carolina was named a Best Birding Retailer Award winner at the 2017 Wild Bird Expo™.
A panel of industry experts and peers picked Wingard’s as the Best New Birding Department or Store open 24 months or less.

Nominees for the awards were submitted by a Candidate Search Committee who were tasked with determining who, in their opinion, demonstrated conscientious
effort in advancing the birding hobby and industry. The required criteria to qualify as a nominee included several factors such as: sales volume
(total and per / sq. ft.), growth history and advancement of new trends, best practice systems, product selection offered, merchandising, advertising,
customer communication and education (websites, social media, etc.), and overall impact within their community and beyond. All winning retailers
were selected by birding industry leaders.

Wingard’s is a 50-year-old garden center which has been consistently recognized in the top 100 nationally. In October 2016 they expanded with the creation
of a highly successful birding department. They’ve helped create local bluebird trails, support the Carolina Wildlife Center, hold seminars and
workshops on a variety of wild bird and nature topics, operate a website dedicated to providing information on local wildlife, and they participate
in many wild bird and nature awareness programs.

For more information about the Best Birding Retailer of the Year Awards or the Wild Bird Expo™, contact:

Zach Steinhauser, Wingard’s Market – Wings & Things Department – 803.359.9091 or zach@wingardsmarket.com


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