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September 13th Workshop — The Crazy Cycle in the Workplace

August 29, 2019 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

How do you communicate care and respect in your workplace?

Has communication breakdown, unmet expectations and team tension caused a crazy cycle in your workplace?

Regardless of the work required, the culture of a job has a profound effect on morale, especially when it comes to the
relationship between management and employees.

What does it look like for organizations to encourage a positive environment for all levels of work? What is the secret?

 Join Alysia Kehoe and Heather Leigh on September 13, 2019 at Midlands Tech Airport Campus Center for Entrepreneurial Success (Room
AMSC 212) 8:30am – 11:30am to find out the transformative power of a workplace marked by two crucial qualitiespersonal care and respect.

8:00am Registration – Breakfast Snacks

General Admission: $125

Seating is limited.

Register Here

Business owners, supervisors, managers, executives and employees have expressed to us their need for answers on how to implement and immediately:


  • Strengthen Communication
  • Bolster Expectations
  • Reduce Conflict

Slow down the Crazy Cycle by learning 3 valuable techniques that can be directly applied to your organization.


About Alysia Kehoe

Alysia Gaynor Kehoe, M.S. Human Resource Management, is the founder of Kehoe Consultants, LLC and Executive Coaching Group.With over 25 years of experience,
Alysia specializes in coaching, employee engagement & retention programs, as well as team building initiatives and human resource consulting.

Heather Leigh

 Heather Leigh, M.A., is an adjunct at Columbia College and a grief recovery specialist. Heather facilitates professional development
training in areas of development, human services and retention. She has facilitated challenge courses, served as state advocate for Leave No Trace
and teaches grief recovery courses.