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Why This Lexington Native Opened 803 Realty And Is Excited To Serve His Community

February 17, 2021 | Posted By: splashme@splashomnimedia.com

Why This Lexington Native Opened 803 Realty And Is Excited To Serve His Community

Lexington is where Tim Williams, owner and broker-in-charge at 803 Realty, grew up. A hometown guy who loves the
people and places in Lexington, Tim feels out of his element when he leaves Lexington County. That is why the brokerage team at 803 Realty is so thankful
to live and work in Lexington every day.

803 Realty offers a stress-free approach to buying and selling real estate through partnerships with industry leaders throughout the purchasing or selling
process. These partnerships and connections allow clients to feel at ease and know that every step of the process is being held with the utmost care
and urgency. The agency has also partnered with a property management company that allows for their clients to have a one stop approach to real estate.

803 Realty rebranded in June of 2020, after first opening its doors as Williams Real Estate Group in January 2016 as a full service residential real estate
company. Tim and the other 42 agents pride themselves on their VIP client level customer service. They are selling homes 25 days faster than the Midlands
average and operate as a one stop shop for both real estate sales and rentals.

Tim is continually expanding to service communities throughout the 803 area code. He recently announced the expansion of their sales force to the Aiken/North
Augusta market. The agency continues to focus on finding new ways to serve the community by joining multiple charitable foundations and business leaders
that work to beautify the town and encourage growth and diversity.

Everyday, Tim gets to help individuals and families with one of the largest purchases of their life, real estate. Not only that, but he also gets to mentor
agents who work with 803 Realty and learn new ways to serve the community and build the business.

Tim is grateful how his work in this service industry has touched his life. He shared that life is a beautiful thing that we must all be grateful for and
that success should be defined by the individual, not a company or corporation. “I feel as though in this industry and in any ‘luxury industry’ there
is too much pressure on agents to work towards driving a certain car or making a certain amount of money,” he said. “We all have different levels of
comfort when it comes to living and different things we are working toward. I feel as though it’s important as a company that we promote that individuality
because that’s what makes this community thrive and great”.

803 Realty will always remain locally owned and operated, putting their clients and community first. Visit 803 Realty at 5599 Sunset Boulevard or at


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