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What’s Up With… Temporary Signs

June 22, 2016 | Posted By: splashme@splashomnimedia.com

Lexington Signage

This last blog in our sign series can be a tricky one to wrap your head around. Temporary signs. How long can they be up for? What’s the size? Which signs need a permit? Where can I put them? Get all these answers below.

Special thanks John Hanson, Director of Planning, Building & Technology at the Town of Lexington, met with our Advocacy and Public Policy Committee for answering all of our frequently asked questions when it comes to the Town’s sign ordinance.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about signage for your business specifically, contact John Hanson at (803) 951-4655 or jhanson@lexsc.com.

And if you have a suggestion for a hot topic in the business community that the chamber can cover, don’t be shy! Contact Connor Watkins at (803) 359-6113 or connor@lexingtonsc.org.

Temporary Signs The Require A Permit

Special Event Signs

  • One sign or banner only
  • Limited to 30 days for opening or closing of business
  • Limited to 20 days three times a year (60 total days per year) for special sales, promotional events or changes in ownership or management; and for civic, charitable, educational or religious events.
  • Signs cannot exceed 32 sq. feet.

Placement of Signs

Placement of Temporary Signs

  • Must position so will not cause a traffic sight problem
  • Cannot place in the public right of way
  • Cannot place on any public utility poles, traffic signs, phone boxes, etc.

Placement of Permanent Signs

  • Must place 10 feet from all property lines in the Restricted Development District and 5 feet from all property lines in the Intense Development District.
  • Must place out of 25-foot sight triangles at intersection of two streets and 15-foot sight triangles at intersection of street and driveway.