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What drives long-time member Gary Deese, Crescent Financial Group

March 27, 2019 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

What drives long-time member Gary Deese, Crescent Financial Group

Gary Deese has over 16 years of experience as a financial advisor, including the last seven years as owner of Crescent Financial Group. Now, with a brand
new office building on Main Street in Lexington, Deese and the rest of the Crescent Financial team are ready to bring their expertise to even more
people in the Lexington community.

Crescent Financial Group is made up of financial advisors who offer a variety of specialized
services designed to address each customer’s specific goals and needs. “Crescent Financial Group focuses on you and the unique set of financial circumstances
you and your family face,” Deese shares. “Getting to know you and understanding your personal needs allows us to create a customized wealth management
strategy aligned with your short-and-long-term objectives.”

At the end of the day, helping people achieve their financial goals is what drives Deese and the rest of the Crescent Financial Team. Deese adds, “Our
clients are like our family. We strive to build a business that is based on relationships, not transactions.” In fact, sometimes treating clients like
family can be hard, but absolutely necessary. “My relationship with clients includes a healthy dose of honesty and may not always be what they want
to hear but they will always get the truth. It is much like the relationship you have with your kids; because you care for them you will always do
what is in their best interest.”

In addition to financial planning, Crescent Financial Group can also provide assistance with investments and insurance, as well as money management strategies
to help manage savings on a daily basis. For information about the services offered by Crescent Financial Group, visit their website at http://www.cfgsc.org/.


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