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Watch Todd Carnes’ Full Breakfast Talk on Tailor Made Honor

October 1, 2019 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

Town Council Member Todd Carnes has traveled a good bit as a pastor of world missions as well as learned a thing or two from past job experiences in the
medical and civil engineering fields. In his position with local government he is able to offer a well-rounded knowledge of not only industry but also
how to lead a community to be legacy makers.

During the breakfast sponsored by Budget Blinds of Lexington/Chapin, Todd mentioned that he has seen the deserts of
India, the streets of the middle east and the beautiful country of Russia. After a recent trip with his daughter he has come away with an inspiring
story of how he has received honor, how we can give honor and what motivation we can give as leaders in the community.

In America is it said we are a country who gives shame well. It is hard to give honor. Honor makes us feel vulnerable, unmasked and uncomfortable. Media
tends to shape the messages in our culture with public shaming, we can strive to be different. Todd has learned so much about himself and how he can
inspire others to honor each other rather than shame. We can learn from his example of accepting honor as he did from a good friend in India. This
friend not only honored his good standing of friendship but offered him a gift of a custom fine suit to take home with him and wear as a person in
the public eye.

A leader’s job is to create momentum towards honor and, also to stop momentum towards shame. We can approach it with a shock and awe kind of stance with
a display to signify honor, otherwise known as an “air war”; or we have a “ground war” taking our territory in hand-to-hand combat by inspiring the

Todd described other ways he has received honor has been through performing weddings, funerals and simply encouraging others to do what they were created
to do rather than trying to be safe and comfortable.

Words and actions of affirmation towards others will not only inspire but also create a legacy. Winston Churchill once wrote, “History will be kind to
me, for I intend to write it.” If you only do what is expedient, popular and profitable rather than right and honorable you can imagine the value that
will have. Decide what kind of legacy you want to leave. We have a challenge to create momentum towards honor and push back on society who may be caught
in the shame trap. Remember this is our territory, just because others may walk in shame, we do not have to let our community go there.


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fellow Chamber members at the next breakfast on Tuesday, November 12 at 7:30 a.m. at RADIUS

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