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(Video) Watch Our Forum on Wrapped Vehicles

February 8, 2017 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

Wednesday morning, multiple business owners sat down with Mayor Pro-Tem Hazel Livington and John Hanson – Director of Planning, Building & Technology – of the Town of Lexington to talk about the issue of wrapped vehicles and what compromises can be made to an ordinance that is creating major frustration among Chamber members.

To begin, Hanson read the ordinance as it is currently written. He explained to the room how it applies to wrapped vehicles and why these laws are written as they are; to create a sense of place for Lexington so that it continues to be a nice place to live and do business.

“The way that [the ordinance] has been interpreted over the years is that you can have a wrapped vehicle, but we enforce it not to park in the first row of the parking lot,” said Hanson. “The primary reason for that is we don’t want an individual to circumvent that sign ordinance or unfairly block the monument sign that’s out in front of their business with their large vehicle in addition to the aspect of wanting to keep the community aesthetically pleasing.”

Professionals like Shirley Town, owner of 24/7 Total Protection – ADT Authorized Dealer, saw this meeting as one step closer to creating a solution that brings more flexibility to Lexington businesses.

“I really appreciate the Town being here and listening to our concerns,” said Towne. “I think they took away some good points from local business folks, so hopefully we will come to a compromise that will make everybody happy. However, I don’t believe the citizens of Lexington are making complaints about a wrapped vehicle parked in front of somebody’s business. So I think it’s smart to keep in mind what the locals want in regard to our businesses as well.”

See what other fellow members had to say during the forum by watching the video above.

Want to give your thoughts on the sign ordinance and its affect on wrapped vehicles?

Contact John Hanson, Hazel Livington or Otis Rawl today.