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VIDEO: Mayor MacDougall gives Town project updates

February 4, 2019 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

At the February breakfast, Mayor Steve MacDougall previewed a portion of his State of the Town Address, which highlights the Town’s achievements from the
past year and speaks to upcoming projects, as well. The video, in its entirety, can be found on the town’s website.

In 2018, the Town of Lexington completed the one-way pair project in order to alleviate traffic on Main Street. In addition, the Town added new parking
lots off of S. Church Street with 150 parking spaces to serve the downtown area including the Icehouse Amphitheater. The Icehouse Amphitheater has
hosted 75 events and over 60,000 people since opening two years ago.

One of the largest achievements for the Town was purchasing and taking over the I-20 Wastewater Treatment Facility which was previously owned by Carolina
Water Service. In doing so, the Town was able to divert all flow to the Joint Wastewater Treatment Facility in Cayce thus officially eliminating the
discharge that was previously polluting the Saluda River.

Over the next year, the Town will continue to focus on projects to improve traffic flow throughout the Town. First in the pipeline is the Crossroad Improvement
Project which will focus on the North Lake Corridor starting at the end of the one-way pair all the way to the North Lake Drive/Sunset Blvd intersection.
The Town is also in the process of making improvements at the Corley Mill/Sunset Blvd intersection, starting with the I-20 Westbound Ramp improvements.
For more information on these traffic projects, please visit www.lexsc.com.

The Town also plans to move to Phase 2 of the Adaptive Computerized Signalization System which will include 16 traffic signals throughout Lexington. The
Town is working closely with Lexington Medical Center to include the 10 intersections closest to the hospital in order to keep traffic moving on Highway
378 from the I-26 intersection into the Town.

In addition, repairs will be made to the Gibson Pond dam, which was damaged in the October 2015 flood. Repairs should be completed by the Fall of 2019.

These are just a few of the projects mentioned by Mayor MacDougall, but they all add up to Lexington being a wonderful place to work, learn and live.

During the breakfast, the Greater Lexington Chamber also recognized Lexington School District One’s School Board for their service to our community.
The school board members are Cynthia Smith (chair), Anne Marie Green (vice-chair), Dr. Brent Powers (secretary), Michael Anderson, Jada Garris,
Dr. Kyle Guyton and Timothy Oswald. Several board members were present at the meeting. The Lexington chamber also recognized the 2018-2019 Teacher
of the Year, Alecia Clamp who teaches at Rocky Creek Elementary School.


For more information on these projects and others within the Town of Lexington, please visit www.lexsc.com.