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(Video) Learn How To Inspire and Influence Others With Jim Hatchell

February 8, 2017 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

“If you want something different in life, then you have to do something different to get it.” That is the mantra of Palmetto Leadership LLC’s Jim Hatchell and it showed in his seminar on becoming a person of influence Tuesday morning.

During the seminar, attendees heard about the experiences that taught Jim how to positively influence and lead not just his employees, but everyone he comes in contact with.

Watch the video above to hear Jim’s story and find out how you can add more value to those around you by making yourself more valuable!

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About Jim Hatchell

Jim Hatchell is a passionate speaker, coach, trainer and lifelong learner. As a certified member of the John Maxwell Team, his primary focus is on personal growth and leadership development. Jim is a proud veteran serving more than 34 years in the SC National Guard and United States Air Force. During his career, he served in various leadership positions. He finished his military career as the Air National Guard’s Chief of Recruiting Operations in Washington, DC.

After retiring from the Air Force as a Chief Master Sargent, Jim moved two floors down to serve in a civilian capacity as the Chief of Employment and Compensation for the National Guard Bureau where he and his team served more than 25,000 civilian employees. In 2006, South Carolina began calling Jim and his wife, Dale, back home. In 2007, he accepted a position as the Director of Human Resources with the SC Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ). Jim retired from DJJ in 2014 to embrace his entrepreneurial spirit by starting his own coaching and training business, Palmetto Leadership LLC.

He is a graduate of Coker College as well as numerous Air Force leadership schools and academies. In his career, Jim trained, counseled, coached and mentored hundreds of men and women on personal growth and development. One of Jim’s most challenging days occurred when he testified before the Senate Arms Service Committee on Capitol Hill. Jim is a member of the Greater Lexington Chamber, Lexington Toastmasters, Next Level Speakers Club, Toastmaster Speakers Bureau and the Lexington BNI Resource Referral Group.