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VIDEO: Keller Kissam’s Message To Internet Trolls

June 11, 2019 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

Keller Kissam is Dominion Southeast Energy Group’s President of Electric Operations. His message for us was inspired by a response he received through
social media.

The user who remarked that Kissam sounded like a “traveling evangelist” was so right in watching him “travel” in front of the room with excitement and
passion for what God has gifted Him to do. However, he is sadly mistaken that while Kissam has great movement in captivating his audience he is firmly
planted here in South Carolina. His inspiration to speak does come from the great evangelist, Dr. Rev. Billy Graham. We pictured little Keller, as
he described himself, running in barefoot from their Calhoun County corn field as his grandmother, rocking in the chair with her needlepoint, would
call him for an ice cold bottle of coke from the old aluminum frig to watch Billy Graham share the message and call the congregation to come down just
as they are. How freeing it is to know God calls us just as we are to do the work He has for us.

Kissam’s social media troll also retorted in questioning “Why so angry” and “crushed under SCE&G’s abandoned projects”. Of course while the merger
went fine, in the last couple months one of the hardest things he has had to watch has been the company logos he has grown fond of being ripped like
a band-aid from trucks and property to be replaced with new company logos. But Kissam, like a rock, again affirmed us with his faith, as changes take
place he can look back at what has been accomplished to give himself energy and conviction to move forward. While there may have been temporary anger
and maybe a minute of feeling crushed, it is replaced with passion to keep the lights on. “To embrace reality under the gun, to get better not bitter,
to promote the positives, and to create a solid routine in handling adversity”, is the way Kissam would say you should move forward.

After bringing his daughter through a leukemia diagnosis, visiting the burn unit 16 times while working in an industry known for one of the six most dangerous
jobs on earth and picking up the pieces from storms of destruction, he quoted from Thomas a Kempis’ text Of the Imitation of Christ. “For man proposes,
but God disposes,” reminding us that we are not in control. When we welcome suffering, as Kissam has, we remember it brings need for the sweet mercy
that God desires for us.


In closing, together let’s leave the world better than the way we found it, maybe by Kissam’s example of returning carts to the store instead of the parking
lot return or taking trays to the counter instead of the trash can, try to find a moment in your day to serve and love on the people around you.


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