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(VIDEO) Chief Green Talks Biggest Problems Plaguing Community

July 17, 2018 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

(VIDEO) Chief Green Talks Biggest Problems Plaguing Community

Chief Terrence Green is no stranger to the Lexington community. He has been chief of police since October 2006. One of his biggest accomplishments (and
there are many!) was leading the Lexington Police Department through the process of attaining International Accreditation through the Commission on
Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies. Since then, Chief Green and the Lexington PD have made major strides in keeping Lexington safe. They were
even recognized by the S.C. Department of Public Safety as the Agency of the Year for excelling in the area of DUI arrests, DUI victim services and
anti-underage drinking programs in South Carolina three times over. All of this to say, that Lexington is really blessed to have this man on our side.

Chief Green opened with the Mission Statement of the Lexington PD:

To provide exceptional police service while building a partnership with the community we serve.”

This mission statement is first and foremost in the minds of every police officer working in the department. In today’s society, the police are often made
out to be the bad guys, so building a relationship with the community is extremely important. Programs have been developed to promote police/community
partnerships and to create positive relationships among the officers and their neighbors. National Night Out is one example. Scheduled for August 7th, this is a great opportunity for the community to come out, mingle with the department and make
some great and lasting memories. Other programs include the Summer Reading Program,
Coffee with a Cop, Kona Ice & Cops and even a Bicycle Rodeo. The goal being to get out into the community and create relationships with citizens
while connecting over the same goal- to keep Lexington a great and safe place to live.



One of the biggest problems plaguing our nation, and our community, is opioid addiction. Chief Green addressed this issue and let us know what the Lexington
PD was doing to combat this epidemic. Did you know that many of the people who become addicted to opioids start off with prescription drugs and then
move to heroin after their prescriptions run out? Kids take pills from medicine cabinets (prescriptions long since forgotten about by parents) and
sell them in the schools. The problem is huge and the solution is not easy. But our local police department is doing what they can.

Officers are being educated about the opioid epidemic and the public, as well, through the use of social media, community meetings and the prescription
drug take-back program. Also, the police department is working together with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. In 2017, every Lexington
PD officer was issues Narcan Nasal spray and were trained on how to use it. This spray is sometimes the difference between life and death for people
who are overdosing and has saved several lives right here in Lexington.

The truth is, this problem isn’t someone else’s problem. It is happening right here in our own backyard. Our police department is doing everything they
can to fight it and protect Lexington citizens. And we, as citizens, have a responsibility as well.

First, educate yourselves on the opioid epidemic. Second, talk to your kids and grandkids about drug use. It’s a tough conversation, but one that is desperately
needed. And finally, get rid of any old prescription drugs lying around your house. Think you don’t have time? Swing by the police department and pick
up some of these bags to have at your house. All you have to do is add water and it destroys your prescription pills instantly. (insert pic)

And finally, go out and support your local police department. Get to know the guys who are out on the streets keeping you and your family safe. Hey, you
can even follow @lexingtonpd on Twitter.