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Town of Lexington Expands Downtown Parking with 165 new spots

May 29, 2019 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

Town of Lexington Expands Downtown Parking with 165 new spots

The Town of Lexington is once again expanding public parking within our revitalized downtown.

In collaboration with Masonic Lodge #152, approximately 165 parking spots will be created at N. Church Street and E. Butler Street. These spots include
10 reserved spots for Century 21 Vanguard, 35 leased spaces for the new E. Main Street hotel and 120 public spots. 100 of the parking spots will be
on a grassed lot on the former Liverman Hospital site, which is slated to start demolition this week. The grassed lot will be temporary overflow spaces
until more permanent parking can be added Downtown. (See attached photo)

“The Town of Lexington has experienced tremendous economic growth with a booming downtown thanks to our award-winning Icehouse Amphitheater. Since opening
in Fall 2016, we have welcomed five new restaurants in the historic district,” said Mayor Steve MacDougall.

“Our Masonic Lodge is in the heart of downtown Lexington. We are excited to see the revitalization taking place, thus it is important that we work with
the Town of Lexington to provide additional parking to meet the needs to welcome citizens and guests to our Main St. district,” said Dick Kyzer, Masonic
Lodge #152 Secretary.

The Town of Lexington’s downtown revitalization continues with the construction of an approximate 100 room hotel located at 116 E. Main Street. This $14
million project anticipates having plans summited to the Town this summer to begin construction.

These additional 165 parking spots are the result of continued downtown expansion through the success of the Icehouse Amphitheater. Last year, the Town
opened 130 parking spots on S. Church Street, which serves the Lexington Municipal Complex, Virginia Hylton Park, Palmetto Collegiate Institute and
the Icehouse Amphitheater, which itself has another 60 parking spots.

For more information on the Town of Lexington and other project updates, visit https://www.lexsc.com/.