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The Women of Grace Caregivers have Hearts for Service

October 31, 2018 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

The Women of Grace Caregivers have Hearts for Service

For Kimberly Thomas-Metts, owner and director of Grace Caregivers, the decision to start her business came after a great loss. Taking a break from her
career as a paralegal, Kimberly became the caregiver to her 99-year-old grandmother, Bertie Maude Scragg. This new role came with a learning curve
for both Kimberly and her mother, Suzanna Thomas, as neither one had ever cared for someone with dementia before. Bertie Maude lived to be 102 years
old and on the night of her death, Kimberly and her mother sat down and decided to start a business. “Grace Caregivers, LLC was born on a night that had a lot of tears,” Kimberly shared. “A business plan was born to start a company that the community desperately needed-
a caregiving agency that shows compassion, strength, dignity and accountability.”

Unfortunately, Kimberly’s mother passed away unexpectedly in 2017, but not without first laying the groundwork with Kimberly for Grace Caregivers,
LLC. Kimberly opened her business in May of 2017 and now, a year-and-a-half later, there are 25 employees including office staff who are all focused
on giving the best, compassionate senior care in the Midlands.

Grace Caregivers specializes in many different types of care including transitioning patients from rehabilitation facilities back to home, working
with home health agencies to help the patient live independently and also Hospice services to assist the patient and their families with end of
life care.

Kimberly is excited to be here in Lexington, where she was born and raised and continues to honor her mother and grandmother through her work.

Grace Caregivers, LLC is located at 108 Jamestowne Court, Suite E in Lexington. Call (803) 399-8014 for more information.