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The Wins For Business According to Sen. Shane Massey

June 12, 2018 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

Senator Shane Massey spoke during the chamber breakfast yesterday morning about some of the big business issues that were discussed in the Senate over
this past year. There were a few “wins” for businesses and several issues that are still on the table.

One of the biggest victories, in Massey’s opinion, was getting rid of “automatic stays” and speeding up the permit process for developers and manufacturers
across the state. Act 139 sets a 90-day time limit for a judge to either rule in favor of the stay or decide that the permits are in order and construction
can proceed.

The Senate also passed a law to protect companies from nuisance lawsuits. This is a big issue, especially for the manufacturing industry. The new law protects
companies from lawsuits over certain nuisances that come with simply doing business, such as being too loud or emitting certain smells. As long as
the company is complying with laws and regulations they cannot be sued by their neighbors.

The Senate also approved a law to protect agri-business in S.C., especially poultry farmers. Massey said the new law would “level the playing field” so
that S.C. could compete with neighboring states.

Still on the table, and hopefully to be addressed on June 27 when the Senate holds another session, is the budget for next year along with infrastructure
and the V.C. Summer issue.

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