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The Business of Helping Others – Ashby Search Group

September 16, 2015 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

Asby Search Group

One of the Greater Lexington Chamber’s newest members is offering a unique and valuable service.

Ashby Search Group, located at 203 West Main Street in Suite G10, has been in business for one year and recently joined the Chamber, celebrating its membership with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

“Lexington County offers a business-friendly environment by making it easier and cheaper to locate a business here,” Founder and CEO Steven Settle said. “Everything I needed, starting with knowledgeable people operating streamlined departments were available in a timely manner to guide me through the process of starting Ashby Search Group, Inc. and offered advice based on best practices.”

Now Settle is in the business of helping others with their businesses. Recruiting employees and consultants is a huge investment of time, energy, and money, and that’s where Ashby Search Group steps in.

“At Ashby Search Group, Inc., our goal is to augment your existing management team by focusing on your organization’s hiring needs while you focus on your business,” he said. “We deploy a wide-range of recruiting resources to select the right candidates, streamline and manage the screening and interviewing process and can flex our process to accommodate yours, and work closely with you to transition new hires to your staff.”

So why expend those resources when Ashby Search Group can do it for you?

The process includes defining the company’s needs, going through the search process, developing a candidate pool, screening and interviewing candidates. Ashby Search Group specializes in doing all of that, and then presenting a group of pre-screened candidates who are the best of the best in the IT industry.

At this point, Settle is the sole employee, but he plans to continue growing and expand the market reach and create jobs within the company.

The most gratifying aspect of the business according to Settle is “making a positive difference in the careers of the candidates that I place and being part of the success story of the clients that I serve.”

Ashby Search Group’s mission statement is to bring together companies seeking talented professionals for rewarding long-term careers and exceptional career-minded people who exemplify the commitment, dedication, and talent to ultimately drive success for the companies we serve.

For more information, visit the business website at www.ashbysearchgroup.com. Settle can be contacted by phone at 803-238-5882 or by email at steven@ashbysearchgroup.com. You can also follow @ashbysearch on Twitter and find them on Linkedin.