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The 5 Ls of Networking

June 21, 2018 | Posted By: Connor Watkins


Yes, there is a strategy to networking and it can save you time and energy (and registration fees!) at networking events. With July 11 and the 2019 Business Lexpo right around the corner, we thought we’d share some helpful networking tips courtesy of Sunny Lenarduzzi, video marketing and social strategist who
has been named one of the Must Watch YouTube Channels That Will Change Your Business by Forbes.

Here are Sunny’s 5 Ls of Networking:

  1. Lead. Before attending or even registering, do your research and see who’s going to be there. This will help you create a list of
    contacts you want to meet, know what talking points to bring up (and avoid) and have an idea of what subjects or topics you can discuss that aren’t
    work or business related. Common interests will break the ice and create a more authentic relationship.

  2. Listen. No one likes a conversation dominator. Make sure you are present and engaged as someone is speaking to you so you can offer
    valuable insight to them or connect them to the right person and not just sell to them.

  3. Look. Eye contact in a conversation lets the person in front of you know that your are invested in your exchange of ideas and builds
    trust. Wandering eyes can suggest you’re looking for the individual you actually want to meet and come off as rude.

  4. Leave. Don’t overstay your welcome in a conversation. If you leave something to the imagination or a reason for your new contact to
    connect with you after the event, it’s more likely that they will. Stay too long in conversation, and it may feel forced or stray into topics that
    you are not comfortable discussing.

  5. Linger in the minds of your contacts. After the event, take some time to establish that connection with that professional in ways
    like following them on social media or sending an email reminding them of where you met and thanking them for their time and conversation. 
You can start with #1 by checking out our list of vendors who are attending the 2019 Business
Lexpo on July 11 at 11 a.m. at River Bluff High School.