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Recap: See The Improvement Projects Happening In Lexington

March 10, 2021 | Posted By: splashme@splashomnimedia.com

This year, the Town of Lexington, SC has many improvement projects taking place. Britt Poole, Town of Lexington Administrator, not only shared how the
town helped during the pandemic COVID-19, but also the plans to make the town a better place to work and live.

In 2020, the impact of COVID-19 brought people and organizations together to support those that were being affected most. The town offered small business
loans and a rebate program to help with utility costs and increase small business sales. The town also suspended the utility cutoff due to nonpayment
and even lowered property taxes by 21 percent during the pandemic. Surprisingly, residential and commercial construction rose during this time where
42 new businesses had applied for licenses.

Traffic projects are underway to improve travel for Lexington’s expanding population. The Crossroads Improvements at Lexington Middle School include the
widening of S.C. 6 and moving Dreher Street over to Azalea Street. Phases one and two of this project are expected to be completed in fall 2021. Phase
three, which will expand the intersection of S.C. 6 and U.S. 378, is anticipated to start in December 2021.

The Corley Mill Gateway splitting U.S. 378 and Sunset Boulevard has an anticipated completion date of fall 2023. With over 45,000 vehicles per day traveling
on U.S. 378, this improvement will have the largest impact on traffic patterns. The intersection seeing the most significant number of accidents within
the town, U.S. 378 and Old Cherokee Road, will also receive improvements with a completion date expected spring 2022.

Phase two for the adaptive signalization of traffic lights has begun, allowing signals to be adjusted for traffic flow and giving emergency vehicles access
to override signals to stop traffic. This $2.7 Million investment will have the most impact on the Mineral Springs backup, improving the 300 percent
backup at the Hobby Lobby light. This phase of improvements is expected to be completed in fall 2021.

Utility projects are also underway with the U.S. 378 Twin Bridge expansion, pump station rehab projects, manhole and sewer line rehabiliations and the
Lee Kleckley Road gravity sewer system installation. Other improvements and technology updates include replacing water meters, which will allow customers
to check their utility usage on their smart phones. All of these enhancements will have a positive impact on the environment and living conditions.

Residents and visitors can look forward to the addition of 135 parking spaces on North Church Street to add to the current 1,100 available spaces. The
Gibson Pond Dam rebuild is nearly completed and a new trail will surround the Old Mill Pond coming fall 2021. The 6,800 square foot Icehouse Amphitheater
Pavilion is ready for the farmers market to open and will bring new vendors and food trucks.

The expansion of Virginia Hylton Park will incorporate a water feature and an all-inclusive playground, all of which is expected to be completed within
the next year. Finally, wayfinding signs will be installed this year to help the growing community to navigate to points of interests throughout the

For more specific information about the vision plan, visit the Government tab of the Town of Lexington’s website, lexsc.com.