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September 2, 2015 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

Davis Chiropractic

Dr. Jeremiah Davis opened his chiropractic office in Lexington on April 1 and soon after joined the Greater Lexington Chamber and celebrated his membership with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Davis Chiropractic is located at 518 East Main Street, sharing an office with Dr. Timothy Votion’s Trinity Health Services.

“My plans for the future are to grow and expand my new business. I have joined Dr. Timothy Votion to provide quality Chiropractic care to the people of Lexington,” said Davis, who moved to Lexington to be close family. “Eventually, I plan on merging Davis Chiropractic with Dr. Votion's Trinity Health Services in order to keep Chiropractic in the area for our existing family of patients as well as the ones to come! I am here to stay and I plan on serving this community to the best of my ability for years to come!”

Davis Chiropractic provides personalized chiropractic care to each patient based on their individual needs.

“We do not adhere to any type of one size fits all treatment plan. A patient's condition can change also which requires the doctor to be ready to change up treatment as needed in order to get the patient well as quick as possible,” Davis said. “At the office we strive to provide fast, friendly and effective service.”

The office also offers a line of nutritional supplements through companies with the highest reputation in the nutrition industry such as Standard Process, Douglas Labs and Medi-Herb.

“With the office sharing between Davis Chiropractic and Trinity Health Services, we can keep costs low and pass the value on to our patients while at the same time growing right along with Lexington to provide for the increasing need for quality health care,” Davis said.

Davis Chiropractic is now offering Saturday hours to accommodate clients’ busy schedules. They will also be expanding the healthcare offerings to include new wellness care packages. These packages will be geared toward patients who want to maintain a level of optimum health. There is also a discount for patients paying cash.

“I chose to be a doctor simply because I love and care for people, and I want to help get them well and give them the tools to live a more healthy lifestyle. I love when patients see the results of chiropractic care,” Davis said. “In some cases they have been living with pain for a long time then after a course of treatment they feel much better and their problem is resolved. This is especially gratifying when I have new patients who have never tried Chiropractic treatments before. They are so happy when their health improves and pain decreases.”

According to Davis, the highest compliment is when one of his patients refers a family member to see him.

“It is an honor to be held with such trust by someone. I believe that doctors are to be teachers and not healers only. Teaching patients how be live a healthy lifestyle will give them a better quality of life and let them have more time to enjoy the things in life that they are passionate about,” Davis said. “That is the ultimate goal. No one has to live a life in pain. The body needs regular maintenance to keep it functioning properly."

For more information, call the office at 803-957-2222, or you can visit the business website at You can also find Davis Chiropractic on Facebook and LinkedIn.