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Our Mind Your Business speaker’s message for moms that do business!

April 23, 2018 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

Our Mind Your Business speaker’s message for moms that do business!

Are you (or someone you know) thinking about launching your own business? Then you need to meet author, graphic designer and mother Jordan Tate

Jordan’s journey to making her side hustle her full-time business started back in 2015 and has been filled with hard, but rewarding work. Throughout that
time, she has also heard many misconceptions about people who work from home or stay-at-home moms that run their own businesses. Her Instagram post
below is her transparent and encouraging message to those moms and dads that work from home and make it all happen in their personal and professional

At the final luncheon in the Mind Your Business education series on Wednesday, May 2 at 11:30 a.m., you’ll hear how this Lexington mom created her successful graphic design store on Etsy while keeping her health, friends and family first.

This event is free for Greater Lexington Chamber members and $10 for nonmembers. 

Members: Email Connor Watkins or login to your account to get the promo code for your complimentary registration.



I just need to have a transparent moment with my public instagram diary (lolz). I’ve NEVER felt comfortable talking about my small business. (That’s not so small anymore.) Most people assume I mean oils. Oils is my side gig, y’all. And I LOVE IT. But I own my own graphic design shop and most of my friends barely even know I do. But I do! It was harddd to start it up–I launched it in 2015. It’s so much work. And it’s so rewarding. . And I LOVE being my own boss and I LOVE working from home, but I’m also a mom and a wife and those things are utterly more important than my business. But, I find that work from home peeps often have a hard time explaining and defending themselves to people who think that they aren’t REALLY working from home or that their work takes up just an hour or two and then the rest of the day is rainbows and butterflies. We put Shep in pre-school (4 hours ‪Monday through Thursday‬) SO THAT I could get my work done….because before school I was losing so much family time with Chris and Shep on Chris’ days off. So NOW–now I cram all of my work into my mornings ‪from 9-1pm‬ ‪Mon-Thurs‬. . When I tell people this is my situation, they still seem to assume I’m working here and there and bringing in grocery money. So here’s the transparent part: these days, my shop brings in almost the same amount as my husband who works full time as a registered nurse. And it’s only going up. I am not going to shy away from how much my shop brings in for our family anymore in hopes that it will shift the way people think about 1) People who work from home and 2) Running your own business. . (This elderly gentleman LEGIT said “Aw, that’s cute” when he asked what I did and I responded that I had my own graphic design business. But THIS is why I have to turn down coffee dates. And babysitting for friends. And house projects. I know that if I were working at an actual office that wasn’t my home–people would perceive it all differently. And, so, you guys, I am a full time Graphic Designer who has to cram hundreds of dollars of work a day into part time hours. That’s my day job. Isn’t that “cute?”

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