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November breakfast breaks down the workforce of today (and tomorrow!)

November 16, 2017 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

November breakfast breaks down the workforce of today (and tomorrow!)

Did you know that for the next 14 years, five generations will be working at the same time? Is your business prepared to handle a multi-generational

Tom Ledbetter, associate vice president for the Center for Entrepreneurial Success and Community Engagement at Midlands Technical College was the
speaker for the November breakfast, sponsored by SAFE Federal Credit Union.

Because people are growing older (life-expectancy is increasing) individuals are not retiring after 30 years but are continuing to work as long as
they can. This means that employees could range from the Silent Generation all the way to Generation Z. Each generation has diverse range of core
values and attributes. Their priorities and expectations are also different and thus, a company must look at the individual employee when it comes
to managing, training and keeping their staff.

Click here for an in-depth breakdown of the generational differences!

How does this affect your business? Ledbetter gave us some of his “Perilous Prognostications” to keep us ready. First, the ownership of learning will
shift to the learner or in other words, employees will have to become responsible for their own training and education. Secondly, it will be a
common occurrence to have 4 or 5 generations in the workplace at the same time. Third, innovation in the Workplace will occur in Multi-generational
teams and lastly, “Burnout” will be built into careers so be prepared to offer time-off for employees to recharge their batteries.

The main takeaway is this: Be strategic, be creative and be willing to roll with the changes that come your way.