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May Breakfast Speaker’s Message to Citadel Grads

April 11, 2018 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

Our keynote speaker for the breakfast meeting on May 8 at 7:30 a.m. at RADIUS Church brought The Citadel Class of
2015 to their feet with his commencement speech. Trust us, you won’t need coffee to get pumped up and motivated after the talk by Keller Kissam,
Chief Operating Officer and President of Generation, Transmission and Distribution for SCE&G.

Watch the short clip above to see what we mean. Get to know Keller Kissam below and go ahead and set your alarm for our May Breakfast Meeting sponsored by LICS: Lexington Interfaith Community Services.


Keller Kissam serves as Chief Operating Officer and President of Generation, Transmission and Distribution for SCE&G. He was born
and raised in the farming community of Creston, South Carolina (population 33). In 1988, Kissam graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts
Degree from The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, where he served as the Regimental Commander of the South Carolina Corps of Cadets
and received the Palmetto Medal, as well the General Wade Hampton saber. He is also a member of The Citadel’s Business Hall of Fame and was recognized
with an Honorary Doctorate of Business in 2015.

Kissam began his career with SCANA in 1988 as part of the New Utility Professional Program, in which he spent a year working in various departments
of SCANA. After completing this program, he worked for South Carolina Pipeline Corporation supporting industrial customers served by the pipeline.
Kissam was promoted to manager of contract administration, and in 1993, became vice president of SCPC and was responsible for contract administration
and gas supply.
In 1996, he moved over to work for SCE&G as vice president of gas operations and was responsible for the gas distribution operating company in
South Carolina until 2003, when he became vice president of SCE&G electric operations.

Kissam actively serves the community. He is President of both the South Carolina Independent School Association and the Southeastern Electric Exchange.
He serves on the board of Wilson Hall School. He also represents SCANA on the Midlands Business Leadership Group and the Central South Carolina
Alliance. He has been teaching Sunday school at Shandon United Methodist Church for more than two decades.

Kissam formerly served on the boards of The Children’s Hospital, Senior Resources, City Year, Midlands Technical College Foundation, Hammond School,
and The Citadel Brigadier Foundation. He is married and has two children.