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Lowes Foods to Build First Columbia Market Store in Lexington

July 6, 2016 | Posted By: splashme@splashomnimedia.com

Winston-Salem, N.C. (June 7, 2016) – Lowes Foods, a Carolinas-based grocer with locations in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, will build its first Columbia-area store in Lexington. Columbia is the second new market for Lowes Foods as part of an overall company strategy to remodel all existing stores and expand into two-to-three additional markets by 2019.

“Our Lexington store will be very focused on supporting local, while providing exceptional attention to our guests,” Lowes Foods president Tim Lowe said. “Our commitment to local includes offering produce sourced through our partnership with over 200 local farmers, and featuring a wide assortment of unique local products found throughout the store.”

Located at the Northwest corner of Charter Oaks Road and US 1, key features of the Lexington store will include special store areas called Lowes Foods Originals, which include: Chicken Kitchen, SausageWorks, Pick & Prep, The Beer Den, and the Community Table. In addition, the Lexington store will feature a wide assortment of organic options, premium aged beef, bulk foods, fresh baked L’Oven cookies, fresh pizza and paninis, and chef-inspired prepared foods. For the ultimate in locally grown products, Lowes Foods will feature a “pick your own herbs” section in the front of the store where you can clip a fresh sprig of rosemary or thyme for that recipe that calls for just a pinch. The store will also offer their Lowes Foods-To-Go online personal shopping service.

The Beer Den will feature a craft beer collection, including numerous South Carolina-brewed beers. Guests can purchase 64- or 32-ounce growlers and then have them filled with craft beers direct from the tap. The Beer Den also will offer hundreds of bottled craft beers, including the ability for beer lovers to create their own favorite six packs.

The Chicken Kitchen will include a variety of prepared chicken, including wings, fried, and fresh-roasted chicken. “When hot chicken comes out of the rotisserie oven at Lowes Foods, our animated chicken chandelier signals the start of our special chicken celebration,” Lowe said. “Our Chicken Kitchen hosts will perform our own version of the Chicken Dance and invite guests to join in. It’s a lot of fun.”

If Willy Wonka had made sausage instead of chocolate, his famous factory would have been SausageWorks at Lowes Foods. SausageWorks features locally made pork, beef and poultry sausages in an unbelievable number of flavors, from the familiar crowd-pleasers to the “are they insane?” combinations.

A focal point of the new Lexington store will be Lowes Foods Community Table, where shoppers can gather to sample, enjoy and learn how to prepare local foods. The Community Table, which will be constructed of reclaimed wood, also will offer events such as recipe sampling, crafts for children, gluten free eating tips and more.

“Our Pick & Prep area is like having your own personal sous chef. It’s one of my personal favorites,” Lowe added. “Shoppers select their fruits or vegetables from our produce department. Next, our Pick & Prep hosts use their advanced knife skills to chop, slice or julienne them – however they are needed for recipes or snacks. Cooks can even customize their mix of Pick & Prep items for a recipe or pick up a prepared selection.”

The grocer, known for embracing all things local, will also be opening later this year in the Greenville area, following the announcement of coming to that market made in 2015.

About Lowes Foods, LLC

Founded in 1954, Lowes Foods employs nearly 9,000 people and operates 95 full-service supermarkets in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Locally owned and operated, Lowes Foods is truly a homegrown company committed to bringing community back to the table, by providing customers with the freshest and most innovative local products from local suppliers. The company maintains a strong focus on exceptional attention to our guests, with services like Lowes Foods-To-Go personal shopping and gas rewards discounts. To learn more, visit lowesfoods.com or follow Lowes Foods on Facebook or Twitter. Lowes Foods, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alex Lee, Inc. For more information, please visit lowesfoods.com.

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