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Lexington’s first Coworking Space Opens For Business

November 1, 2018 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

Lexington’s first Coworking Space Opens For Business

In August, the community’s first co-working, CoCreate Lexington, space opened its doors. “Coworking in a growing concept across the country and the world,”
shares President Kiri Rawson. “With more people having side gigs or working from home, I wanted to provide the Lexington community with a place to

CoCreate Lexington is a female-driven space owned and operated by local Lexington women. The goal is to
provide people a beautiful space where they can build their businesses and reach their personal and financial goals without all of the distractions
that come with working from home. For content creators, there is a content creation room which has lights and backdrops for video and photography
and a podcast studio. There is a Mom-Boss room for when parents need to get some work done and have their children in tow. There are even swings
for when you need a break.“You can’t stay mad on a swing,” said Rawson. But, it is so much more than just a building.

The biggest thing that CoCreate prides themselves on is the community that they provide. “Entrepreneurship is hard. Having people around who understand
the struggles of being a solopreneur or being a work-at-home mom is a plus,” said Rawson. “Our community provides a place to collaborate, make
professional connections, learn new skills, learn from mistakes and be with like-minded people.”

CoCreate Lexington is located at 714 Southlake Drive, Suite 100 in Lexington. Be sure to follow them on social media and visit www.cocreatelexington.com for classes, crafting and more!