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Lexington One: By The Numbers With Dr. Greg Little

September 9, 2019 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

Dr. Greg Little, Ed. D., Superintendent of Lexington School District One, showed us the many numbers of reasons why they are known for their commitment
to excellence and innovation at breakfast Tuesday morning. See Full Chamber Events Calendar

These numbers are units of measure to see what has been done over the past year and what exciting things we have to look forward to as a community raising
up the next generations of leadership and strength.

Lexington has become Dr. Little and his family’s home after a little over two years in his position as superintendent. He has become a staple in the community
helping us learn how to empower and impact the children around us as they grow up and begin pursuing their dreams.

The district is on the cutting edge of technology with six elementary schools participating in computer science immersion and 17,605 devices like 
Macbooks and Chromebooks issued through the IT department. Lexington One students are recognized as state and national winners in the fine arts with
81 percent being enrolled in this field of study. District schools have won 11 lower state and state championships this year. Lexington One leads the
state with 103 students receiving the Seal of Biliteracy.

Here are some other impressive statistics:

  • four schools are participating in language immersion programs
  • 17 Aspiring Principals Academy graduates
  • 2,630 certifications awarded at the Technology Center
  • $2,400,000 was saved in college tuition through dual enrollment with 500 students earning 3,000 college credits

Area schools are committed to excellence, which is shown through the countless hours poured into their students.

A few examples:

  • Imagine driving through Lexington traffic with 77 children behind you – 185 buses cover 25,000 miles each day. Some of the children spend 1-1.5 hours
    on the bus per trip – Rolling Study Halls were implemented with teachers and computers added onto bus routes and 90% of students passed all their
  • Think of the children in situations out of their control such as abuse and neglect – counselors spent 5,413 hours conducting IGPs and teaching Erin’s
    Law lessons. 
  • What about kids who may not get a good meal before they leave home or have food available at home over the summer – 2,343,750 cartons of milk were
    served in a year through breakfast, lunch and the summer feeding program. 
  • And, lastly, the children who have gotten caught up in trouble, the ones who needed and advocate to help guide them and get them back on track -after
    successful counsel and testing 80% of these Project Hope participants were able to return to school successfully.

As we all see the amazing growth in our neighborhoods, we also see the necessary improvements and new construction needed each year. Over the past five
years, Lexington One has grown to accommodate 500 new students each year with 27,315 students enrolled this year across the district. Also this year,
118 first year teachers were hired and one new middle school was opened.

With the bond referendum, safety and security systems at all district
schools and facilities is being improved. Lexington One is currently working on replacing three old schools – Gilbert Elementary School, Lexington
Middle School, and Pelion Middle School – and building two new elementary schools in the White Knoll and Town of Lexington areas to increase student
capacity. Renovations and upgrades are beginning on 14 elementary schools, five middle schools and five high schools including additions to White Knoll
High School, Gilbert High School and Pelion High School.

Upgrades are also being implemented in the district’s maintenance facility, technology center and community learning center along with the building of
a new district transportation facility. After the three schools are replaced, plans will be made to repurpose those campuses. Discussions and partnerships
are underway in repurposing Pelion and Gilbert schools as child development centers and Lexington Middle as a continuing education facility. Prototype
schools are being built to move construction along quicker that allows for Lexington’s growth and the road improvements that are being made with each
school’s construction.

At Lexington School District One their motto is to empower each child to design the future, Dr. Little encourages us to remember our strength when work
together as one to raise up tomorrow’s leaders.

View the District’s Building Plan Progress