Lexington Life Magazine: Weaving the Community Together

November 2, 2016 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

Lexington Life

Lexington Life Magazine, a mainstay in the community for more than 12 years, recently celebrated its Greater Lexington Chamber membership with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

According to owner and publisher Todd Shevchik, the mission of Lexington Life is “to provide a medium that connects the Lexington community through positive stories, positive people and positive results. We are the thread that weaves together the schools, churches, neighborhoods, businesses, people, and spirit that is Lexington.”

Choosing Lexington as a place to start a business was an easy decision for Shevchik.

“Lexington County is the best,” he said. “It offered growth potential and a quality of life that I wanted for my young and expanding family.”

Lexington Life

The magazine, which was formed in June 2004, is also expanding. Lexington Life is expanding its web presence and offering more marketing options to promote their customers within the Lexington community.

“Nobody offers the reach and the mix of editorial stories and advertising that we do in such a concentrated area,” Shevchik said. “We connect. Businesses to people, events to people, businesses to businesses, people to businesses, community to community, we specialize in promotions.”

Lexington life has eight employees. Some of those employees are part-time and some are virtual employees that work from their homes.

Shevchik finds the work incredibly gratifying.

“I love the people who work here and the passion they bring to their jobs,” he said. “Watching the community rally behind a charity we do a story on or become activists when they realize a local river is being polluted... the intrinsic value I receive when I know and see that Lexington Life truly makes a difference in our community. We make it better.”

Lexington Life Magazine also strives to make the business community better as a whole.

“Our goal is to market your business,” Shevchik said. “In addition to a “traditional ad,” we also have creative ways to blend your message into our content and innovative strategies to showcase your business to Lexington.”

For more information, visit the business website at www.lexingtonlife.com. You can also follow on Twitter @lexlifemag and friend on Facebook at Lexington Life Magazine.