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Lexington County Announces $364 Million in Economic Investment in 2021

March 10, 2022 | Posted By: Sonja Sharpe

Lexington County Announces $364 Million in Economic Investment in 2021

The new year is off to a great start on the economic development front here in Lexington County as we celebrate projects that companies large and small launched here during the past year, totaling $364 million in investment and the creation of 472 new jobs.

For these projects with County involvement, highlights range from expansions by Nephron Pharmaceuticals expected to create 250 new jobs to Vertical Roots committing to a $7.6 million project and 14 new jobs as it expands its state-of-the-art hydroponics growing operation for lettuce and other greens at the State Farmers Market. In addition, there’s a $5 million commitment by Concentrated Active Ingredients & Flavors (CAIF) to expand from California with its first East Coast production site for its natural ingredients for dietary and pharmaceutical supplements, with the Port of Charleston being a strong draw.

That diversity continues with three announcements throughout the year from several solar power site developers for a total of $185 million in investment. Palmetto State Armory also announced a $61.7 million expansion that will create 150 new jobs, and Capital Concrete is expanding its operations in Lexington County to the tune of 15 jobs and approximately $5 million in investment. These companies are attracted to Lexington County because of our business-friendly environment, along with our ability to provide a qualified committed workforce from the Midlands region.

We will continue working strategically to keep progress growing. Demand for industrial real estate is at record highs. We are proactively responding by preparing shovel-ready industrial sites with a streamlined permitting process, which will enable companies to quickly create or expand profitable operations as quickly and efficiently as possible.

These are important ways your County of Lexington Department of Economic Development can help further enhance our competitive advantage that has already produced much success. We look forward to reporting even more in the months and years ahead.

Sarah J. Johnson, Director, Department of Economic Development