Lexington Chamber Members Help Stranded Bus of 70+ People

June 24, 2015 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

These are the words of Kimberly Fletcher Groh with Mr. Rooter of Lexington who was on her way home when she noticed this Megabus broken down near exit 61 on I-20.

...As I approached exit 61 to get on 378 from 20 I saw a Megabus broken down and lots of people sitting on the side of the road in the extreme heat and looking miserable.

We stopped and bought two cases of water and took them back. When we arrived there was another van there with a cooler of ice and we helped hand out water and ice.

The relief of water was short lived when more news broke.

As we did this the driver announced the replacement bus to come get them would be 5-6 hours out.

There were several kids and elderly adults. So we started calling around to chamber members and churches, etc..., to find somewhere they could sit out of the heat.

Kimberly got in touch with Jeanette Lowics at the nearby Wingate by Wyndham, who offered the hotels meeting room so the passengers could stay out of the heat.

Now the problem was getting 81 people up the on-ramp of exit 61.

We called Steve Palmetto Athletic Center and on Father's Day while home with his kids he stepped up and brought the school bus over and made two trips to shuttle them all to the Wingate for rest out of the heat. Awesome!

Once inside the meeting room, the passengers got more bad news: they wouldn't have a bus until after 10 pm.

Kimberly started calling for food, but the many of the chain restaurants wouldn't help.

I called Toni at All Star Italian Eatery and Pizza Co. and she and her husband were sitting home in their pajamas but they dressed came in and cooked for all those people an awesome meal.

The gracious kindness of these people in Lexington was amazing. I just handled phone calls and request and they all stepped up.

Kim and the passengers were overwhelmed with the help they received.

...one lady as she cried said to me I think this is the greatest place on earth.

I love our community and am so grateful for all the help we were given yesterday. My faith in our community was restored!

The passengers were able to continue to their destinations sometime after 11 p.m. when the new bus arrived at the hotel.

This is why our business community is great!