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Kristin’s Kitchen is making life (and dinner) easier in Lexington!

May 23, 2018 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

Kristin’s Kitchen is making life (and dinner) easier in Lexington!

Kristin Tyler isn’t new to Lexington. In fact, many people will recognize her from the former Kristin’s Café at Top Spin Racquet and Swim Club. However
her newest venture, Kristin’s Kitchen, opened in January and has been changing the way Lexington thinks about food. Offering catering services, grab-and-go
meals and individual or family meal plans, Kristin’s Kitchen has something for everyone.

“All our food is made fresh continuously throughout the week,” Tyler said. “We make everything we serve right here in the kitchen. We do not buy premade
anything, which means no added preservatives and clean eating.” This is a wonderful alternative to hitting the drive-thru. Just swing by Kristin’s
Kitchen and grab something out of the grab-n-go case or sign-up for one of their meal plans and you can have a healthy, delicious dinner on the table
in no time at all!

All of the food from Kristin’s Kitchen is made with fresh, natural ingredients. The menu is constantly changing
and they will even deliver your meals right to your door. (They offer delivery twice a week, so you know everything you order is super fresh!).

Kristin’s Kitchen has three employees at the moment, plus a lot of great friends who help out when they can! Future goals include offering delivery outside
of Lexington and expanding their lunch delivery options. Currently, they supply lunch to several offices in Lexington three days a week. This way employees
can have a healthier option that the fast-food restaurant around the corner!

Kristin has learned a lot with her businesses. She has learned that success is earned, that a support system is vital to growing a business and that the
people of Lexington really are top notch. “The wonderful people of Lexington want to see me succeed and they help out every way they can, whether it
be word of mouth or posting kind comments on Facebook. Everyone has been so supportive and I realized what an amazing town I live in.”

Kristin’s Kitchen is located at 5166 Sunset Blvd, Suite G in Lexington. You can also visit their website at www.kristins-kitchen.com.