It’s Electric – Flipping the Switch for 2016!

January 13, 2016 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

Flip a switch and a light comes on.

No big deal, right?

Don’t tell that to a group of Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative customers, who were featured in a company video celebrating 75 years of service.

They remember the excitement and anticipation when workers were installing power lines and poles, beginning way back in 1940. It’s an understatement to say when the light finally came on, it was memorable. These people remember vividly that first night with light.

One lady even has the exact moment the light came on documented in her diary. That instant was at 5:40 pm on July 2, 1941, and it really changed lives, allowing people to read at night and listen to the radio. Those times when nothing could be taken for granted are etched in their memories.

Not the case these days, but MCEC Vice President of Member Services Troy Simpson asked the audience at the Chamber’s January breakfast to be appreciative of today’s luxuries and not take them for granted.

“Probably the only time you think about your power company is when the lights aren’t on, and it’s usually not in a favorable way,” Simpson said. “We want to encourage you this morning to think about the progress that’s been made and where we’re heading.”

MCEC started with 945 members in 1940. Today, the company has more than 54,000 accounts.

“We believe that story parallels who we are as a community and where we’ve come from. What could the future hold? As we take that view now, I want you to think about that through the lens of our Chamber,” Simpson said. “As we gather in this room, we stand on the shoulders of some incredible leadership, and we’re looking forward to what’s yet to come. You are part of that equation, and I want to thank you for that.”

Simpson challenged business leaders to think about the impact they’re making on the community. How are they celebrating the past, and also how are they casting a vision forward that will celebrate our community and beyond?

“We have a lot to be thankful for, a lot to be grateful for just in where we live. I want to thank the business leaders of this community for what you do each and every day,” he said. “How you reach people, how you touch lives, how you make this a better place to do business, to raise a family and to grow together.”

Lexington County Blowfish Owner/President Bill Shanahan also spoke at the breakfast, making an exciting announcement regarding the upcoming Greater Lexington Chamber Oyster Roast. The seventh annual Oyster Roast will be held at the Lexington County Baseball Stadium on St. Patrick’s Day. Southern First will be the presenting sponsor for the Oyster Roast.

“I think it’s going to be a great place to host a lot of different events,” Shanahan said. “No baseball that night, just a lot of oysters, a lot of food, a lot of music, a lot of entertainment and just a lot of fun.”

Shanahan also announced that the Blowfish will be helping organize the first ever St. Patrick’s Day parade in the Town of Lexington. The parade, which is scheduled for Saturday March 12, will be organized in association with the Chamber.

The breakfast was sponsored by MCEC and catered by Crescent Moon Restaurant.