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How Big Is Lexington School District One Getting (Plus New School Progress)!

May 8, 2018 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

It’s no secret that Lexington is growing. We’ve heard that Lexington School District 1 has over 500 new students every year. That’s enough students to
open an elementary school every, single year.

At our May board meeting, Jeff Salters, Chief Operating Officer and Dr. Greg Little, Superintendent of Lexington School District 1, stopped by the chamber
to talk about the growth and specifically how the district plans to handle the influx of students.

The Central Midlands Council of Government (CMCOG) projects a total population increase of about 100,000 people by the year 2030. For Lexington, and more
specifically District 1 in Lexington, this means that by 2030 the population will likely increase by approximately 70,000 people and by 2050 the increase
is closer to 207,000.


These estimations are based on a number of factors, one being the number of new homes/neighborhoods being built around the district. The census estimates
that the number of housing units increased by 6.5% from 2010 to 2016. And the upward trend seems to be continuing. At the time of the presentation,
there were another 5,100 housing units being planned.

The district averages about .65 new students per new house built and .41 students per existing house sold. By applying this multiplier to the current plans
for new homes and the projected number of homes to be sold, we can estimate that an additional 3,300 students will be added to the
district over the next seven years or so. The ten year projections show an increase anywhere from 14-18%!

Looking at these projections can allow the district to plan for future growth. Part of that means building new schools and/or renovating existing schools
to increase capacity. Right now, a brand new middle school is being built on Highway 378 at Beechwoods Rd. with a planned opening date of August 2019.
The school will have an initial capacity of over 1,200 students.



A five-year facilities plan was presented to the school board at the meeting on May 15, 2018. Part of this plan included relocating 3 existing schools
to increase enrollment capacity. It also included building 2 new elementary schools and adding on to several schools. The plan also involved security
improvements at all school and renovations across the district, plus future ready furniture and technology for every school.