Greater Lexington Chamber Seeks President/CEO

November 5, 2015 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

Basic Function: The President/CEO is the chief executive and administrative officer of the organization.

Scope: The incumbent is responsible to the Board of Directors for the full range of activities­ coordination of the program of work; organizational structure and procedures; motivation of volunteers; income and expenditures; maintenance of membership; employment, training and supervision of staff; interpretation of policy; maintenance of quarters; and long-range planning.

Functions Performed:

  1. Program of Work - The incumbent is responsible for identification of Chamber and community needs and for the preparation of a program of work designed to meet these needs. This involves a constant evaluation of the program, with recommendations for change as needed, and a system of measuring progress toward attainment of program and community goals. Is responsible for directing and implementing-with the aid of the staff and volunteer workers -the program of work, including all policies adopted by the Board.
  2. Chamber Structure, Procedures and Committees - The incumbent must be constantly attentive to the internal structure of the Chamber, to insure that the organization is effectively geared to function with maximum efficiency in the anticipation, identification and solution of chamber/community problems. The incumbent will recommend to the Board such changes in structure and procedures as are needed. Supervises or delegates supervision and management of all committees. Also recommends appointments to committees. Directs or organizes specific committee projects and meetings. Supervises the preparation of notices, reports and other materials. Delegate’s supervision of projects and committees.
  3. Motivation of Volunteers - Key to the effectiveness of the Chamber is the ability of the President/CEO to motivate and inspire volunteers to creative and fruitful action.
  4. Finance - The President/CEO, in conjunction with the Executive Committee, is responsible for the annual budget and relating the budget to program goals. Once the budget is adopted, it is the President/CEO's responsibility to monitor all revenues and expenses to ensure that the operation stays within the approved budget. President/CEO shall supervise the preparation of all financial reports required by the Board and ensure the Board reports are prepared and passed out in a timely manner. The President/CEO shall supervise the preparation of all reports to governmental agencies concerning tax, accounting and financial data in order to assure the Chamber's compliance with federal, state and local government rules and regulations. The President/CEO, with the Executive Committee, shall recommend an auditor and a recommended scope of work to be done within 60 days of the end of each fiscal year. The President/CEO shall ensure that all financial policies and procedures established by the Board are adhered to.
  5. Membership - The President/CEO, supported by the Board of Directors, is responsible for maintaining the membership at a level that will insure the necessary income for the operation of the chamber. Oversees related record keeping, including proper billing, recording of dues, and classification. Directs maintenance of all current membership files and maintenance of master prospect files. Prepares and maintains reports concerning membership for officers and directors. Also handles all correspondence to members regarding membership status or change in status in reference to dues, assignees, due dates or other membership information. Prepares and assists in preparing membership solicitation letters to prospects, along with other material pertinent to membership promotion. Compiles statistical information for use in upgrading members. Directs preparation of prospect lists for membership solicitation. Directs follow-up or contact of all delinquent members for renewal of membership.
  6. Staff - The President/CEO is responsible for the employment of all staff personnel, the assignment of their duties, the supervision of their work and the establishment, within the framework of the approved budget, of the terms of their employment. As indicated by the program of work, the incumbent creates such positions as are needed to implement the program. The incumbent will develop and maintain operations at a peak of efficiency. Insures that the responsibilities, authorities and accountability of all volunteers and staff members are defined and understood.
  7. Headquarters - As approved by the Board of Directors, the President/CEO is responsible for the maintenance of headquarters which will provide for an efficient operation, and on behalf of the community, present an attractive "front door" for the use of Chamber members, citizens of the community and visitors.
  8. Short-Term and Long-Range Planning  - Under a constantly evolving Board of Directors and annual change in officers, the President/CEO is responsible for maintaining continuity and consistency in programming. Based on proper research of community needs, the President/CEO must anticipate emerging and long-range problems. Directs the development and preparation of short-term and long-range plans programs, and budgets based upon broad organizational goals and growth objectives. Recommends their adoption to the Board. Submits to the Board monthly activity reports relating how short-term and long-range plans and program of work are being implemented through day-to-day activities.
  9. Legislative Issues - The President/CEO must be constantly attentive to legislation at all levels of government and keep the Chamber Board posted on issues on which it may want to take a position and issues that may affect the local economy.
  10. Relationships with Other Organizations  - The President/CEO, with the Board's guidance, shall maintain a working relationship with other groups or organizations in order to promote harmonious and coordinated actions.
  11. Important Contacts/Liasions
    1. Board of Directors - the President/CEO must earn and maintain the respect and confidence of the Board, individually and collectively. The President/CEO is responsible for the preparation of the agenda, maintenance of Board minutes and records, carrying out the plans and programs of the Board in accordance with established policies, serving as representative of the Board for all contacts with Chamber staff, initiating programs for consideration by the Board, and advising the Board on all matters under consideration.
    2. Chamber Members - The President/CEO must motivate members to support - personally and financially - an aggressive Chamber program. The incumbent must analyze and interpret the needs of members and recommend revisions in the program of work accordingly so as to render increasingly improved service and assistance that will make membership more valuable. The President/CEO will entertain suggestions, proposals, and requests from the members and translate them into action consistent with the fundamental objectives and policies of the chamber. The incumbent will render such personal service to members as the occasion may require and time may allow. Responsible for all communication to members, including correspondence, publications, etc.
    3. Staff - The President/CEO must lead the professional staff. Since the incumbent is responsible for the employment and training of all staff members, the President/CEO assumes responsibility for the efficient performance of their duties. As required by the program of work, the incumbent establishes appropriate departments, defines the general purpose of such departments and assigns duties accordingly. The President/CEO must create working conditions which will be conducive to maximum performance and employee morale.
    4. Community - Through personal contacts with key community leaders, the President/CEO shapes the community. The President/CEO is called on frequently to relate the Chamber to all other groups in its contributions to improvement of the commercial, industrial and civic life of the community. The President/CEO represents the Chamber in meetings of local, state and national organizations. The incumbent must strive constantly to develop a better public understanding of the purpose and functions of the organization. Also responsible for all communication to the general public, including correspondence, publications, news releases, public speaking, etc.

To Apply, submit resume to: Sondra Gettys at or P.O. Box 44, Lexington, SC, 29071.

Deadline to Apply: December 4, 2015