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Greater Lexington Chamber, Midstate Coalition To Senators: Do Your Jobs, Fix Our Roads

April 25, 2017 | Posted By: Connor Watkins


LEXINGTON, S.C. – The Greater Lexington Chamber and Visitors Center today urged S.C. Senators to do their jobs and finally pass legislation
that represents a long term, sustainable investment in fixing South Carolina’s roads and bridges. Standing with Rep. Micah Caskey and One Voice President
Mike Taylor, the Chamber reiterated to the Senate that the cost of doing nothing is too high. Lives and jobs are at stake.

“We would like to thank Senators Cromer and Setzler for staying focused on the issue at hand and ask Senators Massey and Shealy not to get distracted on
issues that are not directly related to road funding,” said Otis Rawl, President/CEO of the Greater Lexington Chamber. “Whether you’re a business or
an individual, road funding is the top issue facing this state.”

The business community has long known the cost of losing when it comes to efforts to invest in our roads and bridges. Every year that we delay fixing our
roads: S.C. drivers will pay an extra $300 million as roads worsen. S.C. will miss out on $171 million in road money from out-of-state drivers. S.C.
drivers will continue to pay $1+ billion more in vehicle repair costs. More than 975 people will die.

For more information on the cost of losing the fight for a roads fix, visit http://www.thecostoflosing.com.