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Get Featured In Our Mother’s Day Deals Facebook Album!

May 2, 2017 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

Look down at your calendar because Mother’s Day is less than two weeks away! According to Internet Retailer, 48 percent of people don’t shop for mom until
the last week or few days leading up to the holiday. This sounds like the perfect opportunity to promote your business’ deals and specials and we want
to help.

This Sunday, we’ll be posting a Facebook photo
album with member Mother’s Day deals to encourage residents and visitors in Lexington and the surrounding areas to shop local for their moms. Because
so many people wait until the last week to make a purchase, we want to show them offers on great gift ideas that are too good to pass up.

Need help thinking of some ideas? Here are some we’ve thought of:

  • Special menu discounts or packages
  • Unique floral arrangements
  • Spa packages
  • Discounted jewelry collections
  • Kitchen, home or bath items
  • Purses, bags or totes
  • Specialty wines/spirits
  • Any others!

If your business is having a deal between now and Mother’s Day, email connor@lexingtonsc.org with:

  1. your business name
  2. a picture of your either your item or something that best represents your deal
  3. a brief summary of the deal (two sentences or less)
  4. a link to your deal or website.

Like us on Facebook so you can see what other businesses are offering and share
your deal with your fans when it’s posted. Deals submitted will be posted to the Chamber’s Facebook page on Sunday, May 8.

Deals posted upon approval of Chamber staff.