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From Student to President: Dr. Rhames Talks Midlands Technical College

August 13, 2019 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

With over 150 members at the breakfast we had the privilege of hearing Dr. Ron Rhames, President of Midlands Technical College, who shared his success
story of being a former MTC student and becoming the president in 2015.

Dr. Rhames, being a confused young man interested in girls and ready to pursue his future in art completed his education at Midlands Technical College
(MTC) Beltline Boulevard location. Needless to say he joked about remaining single and would like to expunge his grades. But on a serious note, MTC
is proud to have so many success stories for doctors, lawyers, college presidents, welders and many others. Looking around the room during breakfast
so many people can say they either have been educated by Midlands Tech or have a friend or family member who has attended.

MTC with their amazing accredited curriculum offers dual enrollment, where over 100 high school students received their college award before even completing
high school. They have a 10 percent of their attendance receiving a bachelor’s degree and over 1,100 life scholarship recipients. MTC is the largest
source of transfer to the University of South Carolina (USC) with an agreement with the USC Engineering Program and soon to be agreement with Darla
Moore School of Business. MTC has an enrollment of 28,000 students each year with only $3,700 for tuition, books and fees.

MTC is a community service oriented company that wants to see all students thrive with lower debt or being completely debt free. This enables families
and individuals to pursue their future sooner, having a greater sense of self-worth as well as being able to participate in the community at an earlier
age. Nursing and health science students have a 100 percent passing rate.

Another amazing benefit to enrolling at MTC is they are about to sign a youth apprenticeship program and are currently offering workforce training for
over 8,700 students allowing retention and growth in the workplace. Dr. Rhames shared they have signed with Fort Jackson offering college credit for
education on base as well as host the only veteran success center with a VA employee on campus. MTC has been awarded as a Purple Heart College.

Harbison Theater is MTC’s 50-yard zone offering a successful arts program as opposed to sports. Last year, 20,000 people attended an event with the theater.
Having an Enterprise Campus Authority, MTC offers a 125 acre industrial park as well as an accelerated program for second stage incubators where
investors can get a start.

In closing Midlands Technical College’s value is a huge impact on the community, evolving in a rapidly changing environment for those that are curious
about the world and want to continue their education.