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Doctors Open New Dentist, Orthodontics Office in Lexington

February 25, 2020 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

Doctors Open New Dentist, Orthodontics Office in Lexington

Dr. Rick Singh and Dr. Luis Leite have created a unique dual-specialty practice where each doctor brings more than 20 years of experience in his specialty
to their new office in Lexington – Singh and Leite Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics.
They can provide restorative services, routine cleaning, orthodontics and outpatient surgery all in one building.

Meet Dr. Luis Leite: Being an orthodontist involves having the ability to touch each patient’s life, helping the person achieve the most wonderful smile,
and building a friendship with everyone during the process. Our smiles are the most natural form of expression, going beyond our own cultures and allowing
us to connect immediately with others. I believe everyone deserves a beautiful smile they can share with confidence!

Orthodontics is my life. Every new patient who comes to our practice brings a unique set of occlusal problems and personality nuances. Each person needs
and deserves an individualized treatment plan that ensures efficient, comfortable care and gets him or her to the best smile in a timely manner. I
enjoy the puzzle each person presents, almost as much as I enjoy getting to know them and becoming their friend!

Meet Dr. Rick Singh: Few things in the world are as amazing as a child’s smile. Being a pediatric dentist means not only am I surrounded by those smiles
every day, but I get to play a role in helping each grow up strong and healthy. I truly cannot imagine a more rewarding profession.

My days are spent around energetic, fun-loving children: each of them constantly learning and growing. My role is to work with each child and the family
to identify the patient’s specific dental concerns, and develop a care plan that’s painless, efficient, and effective.

I want children to graduate from our practice excited about caring for their oral health. It is vital that they experience only positive dental visits
and learn why it is essential to keep their oral cavity healthy, along with developing a lifetime of positive habits. When a child moves to an adult
dentist, I want him or her to be in the best health, and to have a smile they love to share!

Visit their beautiful office at 938 North Lake Drive in Lexington!

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