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Defender Firearms Celebrates One Year Anniversary

January 29, 2020 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

Defender Firearms Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Defender Firearms & Training is happy to announce one year in business! Owner and operator Elias “Eli” Lykes is proud to say that in the last year
they have trained over 700 personnel and added four additional instructors. Their goal for 2020 is to train and equip at least 2,500 students and employees
across South Carolina.

Defender Firearms & Training is a small veteran owned business with six employees. They offer a friendly
caring environment for you to learn in and they provide you with the proper equipment at no additional cost.

Their specialties include: Concealed Carry Firearms, (CWP) Concealed Weapons Training, Learn to Shoot (All ages 13 and Up), Situational Awareness and Active
Shooter Training. “Every day that we get to train and equip a U.S. citizen to protect themselves is a great day,” said Eli. “It is very rewarding to
train a shooter with absolutely no experience to defend themselves and their family without fear.”

Through this training, Eli has learned that many citizens are not prepared to protect themselves. “They depend on the police to protect them and that’s
the problem. Police respond to the crime after its committed. We as citizens are our own first line of defense. You must protect yourself, so that
you don’t become a victim. They train and equip you to do so.”

Eli feels being a Lexington business owner and a shareholder of the Lexington Chamber has been a great experience. They love the community and the community
leaders. They want Chamber shareholders to know that they are here to support them and their businesses in any way that they can. Their Situational
Awareness and Active Shooter training is great for any size audience. Small businesses and large organizations all need to have proper protection and
security plans.

Drop by Defender Firearms & Training at 1070 S Lake Drive in Lexington or visit defendercwp.com.

Check out the full Chamber events calendar so that you can attend the next ribbon and celebrate with a local business.

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