Clean Eatz of Lexington/Columbia: Getting Families Healthy

August 31, 2016 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

Clean Eatz

For the last several years, Clean Eatz has been on a mission “to spread the good news of living a healthy lifestyle,” and now the business has a franchise here in Lexington.

Clean Eatz of Lexington/Columbia recently joined the Greater Lexington Chamber and celebrated its membership with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Located at 5225 Sunset Blvd, Suite D, Clean Eatz has been open since August 3.

Allie Avila, Alex Avila, and John Davis are partners in the business who have lived in Lexington for 30 years.

Allie Avila said the plan is “to help our family and friends in Lexington get healthy. Educate people on what it means to eat better and choose healthier choices.”

Clean Eatz prides itself on perfectly proportioned meals that include no processed sugar and no added salt. The restaurant promotes a healthy lifestyle with inexpensive and fresh meals to go with macronutrients on every label.

According to the company website, Clean Eatz’s mission is to:

  • Provide a positive environment that is welcoming, friendly, comfortable, non-judgmental, and motivating to everyone.
  • Empower our customers through fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle choices.
  • Be an example to our customers of living a healthier lifestyle by making fitness and nutrition choices that make a positive impact in our lives.
  • Provide accountability and support for each one of our customers to reach their individual goals.
  • Educate in our products to accommodate each person’s lifestyle needs.
  • Serve a menu that accommodates all levels of clean eaters with the standards of:
    • Low Calories
    • Lower Fat
    • No Sugar
    • No added Sodium
    • Affordability

With these values and our passion, we can make an impact in our customers’ lives – one lifestyle at a time.

According to Avila, the most gratifying aspect of the job is “changing people’s lives. We want to live longer and healthier for our children. We want to be a good role model to those that want to change their lives.”

Clean Eatz started in Wilmington, NC and is expanding throughout the Southeast and beyond. Clean Eatz in Lexington employs six people with plans to open a location in Columbia.

For more information, visit the business website at The business is also on Facebook. You can contact the restaurant by phone at 803-490-2657 or by email at