Bringing a Brand's Vision to Life - VK Creative

July 8, 2015 | Posted By: Connor Watkins


VK Creative has been in business for six months and recently joined the Greater Lexington Chamber and celebrated its membership with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Valene Kitick, who has an extensive background in visual communications and visual arts, brings a unique and personal touch to her business.

“Because it is just me, I offer a great deal of personal attention,” said Kitick, who owns the business and serves as the graphic designer. “My clients have told me they love the attention they are able to get, and that they can email or text me any time and I will respond quickly.”

Kitick, who has been freelancing for almost eight years, finally went into business full time in December. She has done almost anything you can imagine in the world of graphic design, ranging from websites, to logos, to bus wraps.

“I am proud of everything I do. I get personally invested with my clients because my work is a display of their company,” she said. “If they succeed, I succeed. I also love working with other local small businesses. We are all working towards a similar goal.”

Kitick saw an opportunity in Lexington, prompting her and her husband to make it their home this past October.

“We moved to Lexington because there is so much growth here, and we feel it’s a great place to start a family,” she said. “It’s also very safe and that was important to me.”

Seeing her clients succeed is also important to Kitick, who is basically a one-woman show at this point.

“If I have clients with needs that I can’t handle (such as professional photography) I have other companies I work with,” Kitick said. “I’d love to see VK Creative grow and offer more full-service marketing by adding some more skilled employees.”

In the meantime, one of Kitick’s favorite things about the business is seeing something she created after it has been published. That’s a feeling that never gets old, and she says it’s even better when a client calls to tell her how much success her work has brought them.

Now she’s looking to bring a lot of that success to Lexington.

“I wanted to get my business involved in Lexington because of the growth. It is also very important to me to support local business and grow the community that I live in,” said Kitick, who earned a master’s degree in mass communications from the University of South Carolina. “I am very passionate about supporting local business, and the growth of Lexington is important to me, so I will be as involved as I can be.”

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