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Breakfast Recap: What’s Lowes Foods All About?

June 13, 2017 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

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With over 26 years of leadership positions under his belt at many well-known retailers around
the nation, Tim Lowe was a great choice for President of Lowes Foods. “Of course”, he jokes, “having the right name
didn’t hurt either.” Mr. Lowe was the keynote speaker for this month’s breakfast and shared with us some of the newest concepts that the new Lowes Foods
store is introducing to Lexington.

Lowes Foods was founded in North Wilkesboro, NC in 1954 and since then has constantly been working to improve the customer experience. Each store works
with local farmers and vendors to support the community. There are over 2500 local products featured throughout the store and 30-35% of the product
comes from local farms.

In addition, the newest store has introduced several new & unique concepts to their Lexington Shoppers! Here are just a few:

  1. Pick & Prep– This concept takes the produce department to the next level, by saving the customer time and energy. How does it work? Simple.
    Pick your produce. Fill out a form on how you want it prepped (chopped, sliced, julienned or diced!). Hand it to one of the hosts and continue
    your shopping trip. They will have everything prepped and ready to go before you leave the store.

  2. Tomato/ Potato Medley– Mix and match your favorite produce! This gives the customer a chance to try out the different varieties and take some
    home! While you are at the tomato bar, feel free to sample one (its encouraged!)

  3. Cheese Shop– The cheese shop has it all. Mr. Lowe said it this way, “If we don’t have it, you probably don’t need it!” Not sure what to try.
    Look at one of the pamphlets to pair cheese with your favorite wine… or beer!

  4. Spice Bazaar– Did you know those spices in your drawer or cabinet have expiration dates? Well, they do and chances are, half of what you have
    at home is already past its prime. The spice bazaar solves this problem. With perfect portioned bags of spices and seasonings, it will take up
    less space in your cabinet and be used before the “use-by” date stamped on the bag! Or try one of their special blends to take your taste buds
    on a culinary adventure!

  5. Smokehouse– Featuring a daily rotation of wood smoked meats, like pork, beef or salmon, the Smokehouse is a great stop for carnivores. You can
    buy your meat cold and prep it at home or stop by at lunch or dinner time and get a hot, delicious meal ready to go!

  6. Sausage Works– Try all of the 50 different varieties. Seriously, there are 50! Don’t believe me? Check out Sausage Works.
  7. Community Table– The Community Table is exactly what it sounds like. A beautiful table, created with wood from old barns around the Carolinas,
    the piece itself is a showstopper. But what makes this table really special is all the fun that happens around it! Check out some of the daily
    events happening this month! See the Community Table

  8. Bread Crumb– Featuring fresh-baked, artisan breads, the selection is varied and delicious. And best of all the products are all-natural. No
    preservatives allowed! Pick up a fresh-baked loaf of bread between 4:30-7:30 pm daily.

  9. The Cakery– The Cakery features baked items made with real cream and sugar. You can taste a sample of their delicious buttercream in the store.
    And when you are done, don’t just throw away your tasting spoon. Put it in the wishing bin and make a wish. Bring the kids for a Cake Walk (which
    happens a couple of times a day) or let them blow out the candles located above the bakery for a truly magical experience.

  10. Chicken Kitchen– The chicken kitchen serves antibiotic-free, locally raised chickens. Even the breading for the fried chicken is locally made!
    And for your entertainment, enjoy the a very special chicken dance every time hot chicken comes out of the oven! You can even join in if you want!

  11. Sammy’s– This is an in-store sandwich, pizza and panini bar. The pizza crusts are imported from Italy and can be cooked in 90 seconds in the
    pizza over or in about 7-9 minutes in your over at home.

  12. Beer Den– And last but not least, probably one of the favorite new concepts in the Lexington store (which was liked on Facebook over 84,000
    times!), the beer den features craft beers and wine that you can take home or enjoy while you shop. Yes, the shopping carts DO have cup holders. 

And don’t forget about the Clip-Your-Own Herb Garden, Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice or Make your own Salad Bar. There are so many unique experienced just
waiting for you to discover on your next shopping trip.

Want to find out more about the Midlands newest grocery store? Check out Lowes Foods at 2440 Augusta Hwy in Lexington.