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Blue Moon Ballroom – The Dance Party That Keeps On Growin’!

June 21, 2017 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

One of the most memorable moments for Jim Williamson, owner of Blue Moon Ballroom, was when the power went out during one of their dance parties. “Everyone
kept dancing as if nothing was out of place,” said Williamson. “When the power returned half a minute later, everyone was still on beat!”

Blue Moon Ballroom is West Columbia’s only ballroom dance studio and one of the
only studios to offer fully private lessons meaning that lessons are never booked together in the same room. This gives their students individual
attention and quality instruction. They also offer several group classes teaching beginners ballroom, salsa and shag. The studio currently has
five instructors, including owner Jim Williamson.

Blue Moon Ballroom is a great place for beginners and for those who already love to cut a rug. At their dance parties, guests can enjoy a live jazz
band, a salsa social and more. There are tables where people can sit and enjoy the music and of course a large dance floor.

The future looks bright for Blue Moon Ballroom. Williamson says that they are building an exciting new division as a rental venue. They are also laying
the groundwork for expanding their operation to include a boutique restaurant next door, which would offer a combination of
dinner and dancing to the Greater Columbia community.

Williamson teaches dance, but perhaps those who take lessons at Blue Moon Ballroom will learn more than a few new steps. “I have found that the non-verbal
communication of dance can be a great way to connect with another person in a temporary bond of mutual joy,” Williamson said. “It gives a person
a chance to focus on their own enjoyment while, at the same time, sharing that good feeling with another person.”

Blue Moon Ballroom is located at 554 Meeting Street in West Columbia. For more information, please visit their website http://www.bluemoonballroom.dance/home.html or call 1 (803) 908-3948.