5 Signs That You Need to Attend Chamber 102

August 19, 2015 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

No need to hang your head. Everyone has had a question when it comes to how to do things on the internet. That's why we're hosting Chamber 102 TOMORROW at 9 AM at the Chamber - so you can get all your questions answered and leave knowing your business listing, ads, and more are up to date and in good hands!

Wondering whether or not you need to attend? Here are the five signs that you may not be taking full advantage of your membership.

You don't know your member login information.

Not having your username and password is like trying to white-water raft without any paddles. They're required to do what's necessary.

Forgot or need to reset your password? Click here and then click "forgot password" or contact Connor Watkins.

Your logo isn't featured on your business listing.

A logo is how your customers recognize your brand and represents your brands personality, values and mission.Plus, it adds color to your business page. Don't let your listing go on being bland for one more day. Give it some va-voom!

Old employees are still listed as your current representatives.

Customer: May I speak to John Smith?

Secretary: John Smith is no longer with us.

The first conversation with your customer shouldn't start this way. Keep your contact information updated so that potential customers can connect with one of your employees immediately and develop a working relationship (and continued business).

You don't know how to add your event to the calendar.

Sure, you distribute press releases promoting your events and even place it on your company calendar. But, if you can't post your event on our community calendar, you miss another opportunity to improve the SEO for your event. That could mean fewer tickets sales and fewer dollars in your pocket.

You haven't taken advantage of the new features of lexingtonsc.org

Did you know you can now add press releases to our website through your member login? You can include pictures, videos, links to your website and more. Still haven't decided on whether or not to attend Chamber 102 tomorrow?

You've given up on advertising because it's too expensive.

We know that as a small business, advertising is one of the parts of your budget that is very tight. But with the Chamber, even the smallest of budgets can be enough to get your business in front of the people of Lexington, the Midlands and beyond.

Some of our advertising options start as low as $75 and you can choose the ad space - the visitors center digital kiosk, www.lexingtonsc.org, the 2016 Community and Business Resource Guide or the Chamber 2-newsletter - that works best for you.

Take these signs seriously! If you're ready to take know about all of the benefits of your business listing on our website and advertising opportunities, then go ahead and RSVP for Chamber 102.