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5 Places You Should Have Your Chamber Member Badge

January 17, 2018 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

Hopefully by now you’ve received your new 2018 member decal along with a list of all the events the Chamber has currently scheduled and a small note from

While that decal is for your store front, you also have the exclusive opportunity to download the Chamber member badge by logging into your member account.
When you view the “Promote My Business” page, you’ll be able to get the 2018 badge in both low and high resolution files.

So… you’re wondering where you should use it? Here are a few ideas:


Your website, like Floor Boys shown above, is working for your business while you sleep so make sure that everything
you want your potential customers to know about your business is on it! A 2012 study by the Schapiro Group revealed that when consumers know that a
business is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce, they are 49% more likely to think favorably about it and 80% more likely to buy from them.




Make it official! Because communications on company letterhead go to many people outside of your customer base – representatives, prospective employees,
letters of recommendation, thank yous, etc – its important to have things that display the values and mission of your business in its design. Try placing
it in your footer with other business contact information and social networks.


Emails & Newsletters


Subscribers, customers or any other person you contact via email will, at one point or another, need to look at your email signature or the bottom of your
email newsletter for an address, telephone number, website, etc. Add your member badge to that signature or footer as well and, on top of that, link
it to the section about your company on your website where someone can read more about your business and why you’re involved in the Chamber and the
other organizations that you support.


Brochures & Fliers


In a place where real estate is limited, brochures and fliers showing off the services your business provides is an easy place to put the member badge
without having to add copy explaining what it means. For example, this mailer by Pascon Container Services is limited for space, so we simply added it under the “About Us” section. By doing that, customers will know that your active in the community and
businesses will know that they can work with a fellow member (and ask about a member discount if your business participates in the program)!


Facebook Cover Photo


Not only is your Facebook cover photo seen by those who visit your page on the social network, it can also be seen whenever a user hovers their cursor
over your page’s name in their news feed (did you know that?). Whatever you use your cover photo for – a current promotion, upcoming event or simply
displaying your mission like Clean Juice – your member badge could be a constant element in those
designs to let your followers know you’re an active member.

Get your member badge today by logging into your member account and start showing off your membership this year!

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