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The Haven Coffee House

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121 East Main Street
Lexington, SC 29072

Primary Contact Number: (803) 356-1402


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Mr. Jim Hutchmaker

Think of The Haven as a tapestry, where seemingly random threads in all different colors, cultures, and customs, are woven together onto an invisible grid (the 4 corners of our world) and into an astonishing picture of life. We believe that behind this tapestry is the intentional unseen hand of a weaver entwining our individual days into relationships that form embroidered patterns that beautifully fit together and bring purpose and people into our lives.

This is a window into our heart that contains not only the desire to provide the best flavor and aroma of coffee, but to approach our craft with excellence amplifying our value in coffee, people, and connection. We want to serve you with a sensory experience rich and full of connection to the world around us. Everyone is worthy, not only of our service, but our attention and our commitment to make the world (our community) a better place today.

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