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Advicoach – Business Coach

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Advicoach – Business Coach

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Lexington, South Carolina

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Mike Husman

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to "Help Organizations Prosper".  We fulfill this purpose by helping business owners and C-level executives with the top promoters of business value - Top Talent, Leadership, Financial Management, Marketing, and Customer Relations.


Our approach is simple:

  • Discover opportunities and gaps preventing organizational value velocity (V2),
  • Work with leadership to develop a strategic plan to reach the level of  value desired,
  • Work alongside the leadership team to rapidly and effectively implement strategies for value velocity (V2).

Introduction to Our Capabilities

We use private workshops to give business executives and owners a unique way to be introduced to our capabilities and coaches.  We have a number of one-on-one workshops that will actually help the business improve specific areas which will help their business Value Velocity (V2) and organizational health.  Click Here for Current Workshop Options  

What is Value Velocity (V2)

Value Velocity V2 is the foundation for all we do to help businesses, because focus on V2 tells us about the organization's health.  Therefore, improve the health of an organization and we increase the value of the organization exponentially.  So valuation of a business is not important for only selling a business, but for the health of a business and being a good business for the customers, employees, leaders and share holders.  

Valuation of a business is based on everything that would make a buyer interested in buying the business.  There are several methods to value a business but most will generally first value a business using a simple formula (Value = EBITDA x Multiple).  Here EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) which is basically cash flow is multiplied by a "Multiple".  The starting multiple is generally the average multiple of what business have been selling for in this business's industry.  However, this industry multiple is just a starting point, and is adjusted up or down determined mostly by the Intangible Assets.

It is important to remember these points when considering organizational value:

  • Tangible Assets (accounting information) generally drives 20% to 30% of business value,
  • Intangible Assets (what makes a business attractive to buyers) generally drives 70% to 80% of business value,
  • Multiples drive the value of business,
  • Intangible Assets are the biggest drivers of multiples,
  • Improving Intangible Assets is the fastest path to higher multiples and therefore Value Velocity (V2).

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