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Yak with a Sack

Yak with a Sack


Lower Saluda (from Riverbanks Zoo to the Gervais Street Bridge)


August 25, 2019 - September 8, 2019
Sundays 3pm

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As we ride the rest of the 2019 season out, Soda City Friends and Palmetto Outdoors will be testing out YAK WITH A SACK in preparation for a full season of kayaking and clean-up in 2020.

With our community partner and friend, Palmetto Pride, participants will be given trash bags, gloves, and trash grabbers for each trip down the Lower Saluda (from Riverbanks Zoo to the Gervais Street Bridge).

Sign-up comes organized for 2 people (to start) and a guide. Gear is included too.

Set for Sundays at 3 p.m. (for now)

The Sponsors:
1. Aug. 4 ➡️ YOU
2. Aug. 11 ➡️ ALSO YOU
3. Aug.18-Sept. 8 ➡️ Capgemini

Palmetto Outdoors will weigh the trash collected after each trip, snap pics (kayakers are encouraged to do the same), share online and on social media (#yakwithasack), and track the data for a final report on the amount of trash collected at the end of your trip(s).

The goal of this program is to give back to the community, to help promote local, and to give people the opportunity to get on the water for an impactful and mutually beneficial experience.

Interested in continuing this conversation and jumping on board for 2019 or 2020? Email us, here or click this link: YAK WITH A SACK.


Taken from a Denmark-based initiative, YAK WITH A SACK has set three goals to meet its mission.

  • Remove a measurable amount of trash from the river annually.
  • Grow the local base of river-enthusiasts by offering free and reduced cost yak trips. Our rivers are for everyone.
  • Encourage the responsible economic development of our region's best and most underutilized asset, our rivers, through sustainable partnerships with local river-centric businesses and organizations.

So, how does it work?

For the pilot phase, YAK WITH A SACK has recruited sponsors and river enthusiasts to send out 2 kayakers every Sunday through the 2019 kayak season.

The kayakers are provided kayaks and life vests by Palmetto Outdoors, trash bags, gloves, and trash grabbers, and are accompanied by a certified river guide in a canoe to help haul filled trash bags and other waste materials. Post-trip, trash bags are weighed, recorded, and properly disposed of by Palmetto Outdoors.

Kayakers are encouraged to take photos and video of their trip to share online with the hashtag #yakwithasack.

Palmetto Outdoors, Soda City Friends, sponsors, and partners will amplify promotional efforts!

For the 2020 kayak season, the program aims to focus on providing free and reduce rate trips to sections of the general public who would ordinarily not have an opportunity to get out on the river.