VIDEO: SCDOT Explains What's Up With Lexington, Midlands Road Improvements

March 15, 2018 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

If you have lived in or even driven through Lexington, you have personally experienced one of the biggest issues facing our community… THE TRAFFIC. Many people are asking what is being done to improve road conditions in our community, so we invited Andy Leaphart, Chief Engineer for Operations at the SC Department of Transportation to give an update on the road improvements that are coming our way.

As many know, the South Carolina General Assembly passed the roads bill in July of 2017. This bill will generate approximately $800 million in revenue to repair and improve road conditions across the state over the next 10 years.

The SCDOT, identified 4 major gaps in within current infrastructure: safety, bridges, road widenings, pavement improvements.

South Carolina has the highest fatality rate for drivers in the nation, which is why safety was the number one concern when looking at how to improve our roads. The SCDOT plans to add 1000 miles of safety features to rural roads across the state.

Currently, there are 750 structurally deficient bridges across the state. The SCDOT hopes to replace 465 of those bridges to make them structurally sound and safe for drivers.

SCDOT intends to use 50% of the new revenue to begin resurfacing the state's highways. 80% of the state's 42,000 miles need resurfacing or rebuilding. The 10-year goal is to bring half of those roads up to a "good" rating.

And lastly, the SC DOT plans to begin 11 or 12 interstate widening projects.

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