Walker and Company: 25 Years of CPA Experience

November 19, 2018 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

Walker and Company: 25 Years of CPA Experience

In 2010, Julia Walker was approached by a few of her friends who asked if she would be willing to do their tax returns. At the time, she was working for other accounting firms, but agreed to help her friends out in her spare time. Two years later, Walker and Company was formed and gradually began to grow. In 2014, Walker added bookkeeping and payroll services to her arsenal and even started helping businesses set up accounting systems then training their employees on how to use them. Now, Walker and Company has six employees and offers each of the services listed above, plus consultations, business planning, and technology support and training, just to highlight a few.

Walker and Company has over 25 years of CPA expertise, but it is their commitment to their clients that truly sets them apart. “We take pride in all our work, every tax return, every tax or business planning session,” Walker shared. “We are proud to make a difference for our clients.” Walker and her staff are committed to helping people through their accounting services and by educating them on the best practices for their business. “It is very gratifying to see when we make a difference in someone’s life, helping them to make informed decisions,” Walker added. “Sometimes it’s about cutting costs or increasing revenues, sometimes it’s just a peace of mind that clients get because we explained a confusing situation.”

In the future, Walker hopes to continue growing her business and plans to focus more on their own internal processes. “There is always room for improvement,” she said, “and there’s always new technology to look at.” Walker has learned a lot with each new step her business has taken, but the most important thing she has learned? Gratitude. “Starting a business is hard, but there were people around who helped and mentored me along the way. There is so much to be thankful for.”

Walker and Company is located at 1148 Silstar Road in West Columbia. Visit http://www.manage-accounting.com/ to learn more.