New Promotional Opportunity: Member News Email

October 9, 2019 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

New Promotional Opportunity: Member News Email

Have a news item that you want to share with your fellow members: new hires, product or service launches, events or others?

On the third week of each month, members will receive an email from the Chamber that will include:

  • discounts from a category in the Chamber's Member-2-Member Discount Program
  • news from the Chamber's Elite Partners
  • news from Chamber members
In this newest addition to the Chamber's communications, all news items will be listed with the name of the business and headline of the news item that will be linked to the Chamber's blog for the full story. 

Example: (Company Name) {Member Name} Welcomes New Team Member Jane Doe, Marketing/Communications Cooridnator

To submit a news item for the next Member News & Discounts E-newsletter, complete the form below.


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