How to be remembered as a hole or tee sponsor

April 30, 2018 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

How to be remembered as a hole or tee sponsor

At almost any golf tournament, you’ll have businesses set up at some of the holes and tees. But our Annual Spring Golf Tournament, which hosts two tee times filled with more than 25 teams and a new business at every hole and tee, is anything but ordinary. That means that both players and sponsors have to bring their networking A-game. Register to play or sponsor!

Here are five ways to cement your business in the minds of players on May 21 at The Country Club of Lexington.

Branding, Branding, Branding
After we set up your table, tent and two chairs, it’s your job to make your space best reflect your business. Golfers should know who you are before they’re close enough to strike up a conversation. Bring your best table cloth with your biggest logo, small and large banners, frames to hold your brochures or fliers and anything else that can tell players about your business. And do not think about stepping on the course without business cards!

Host a creative game or giveaway
When it comes to games and contests, we’ve seen it all from guessing how many golf balls or tees are in a bucket to a marshmallow driving contest that will give the most serious of players a good laugh. Contests are a great way to engage the players and allow you to creatively incorporate info about your business into conversation. Here’s a video of a marshmallow driving contest from a past fall golf tourney.


Have USEFUL promotional items
Before you choose what promotional items you’re going to bring to the tournament, step into a player’s perspective – they’re hot from playing in direct sunlight, the only things they carry are their clubs and their drinks, they’re out of the office and just want to have a good time. If players come to your booth and you hand them a branded notebook, for example, chances are they won’t take it.

Have promotional items that they can use both in the moment at the tournament but also later on. Visors, sun glasses, water bottles, golf balls and tees, golf shoe bags, towels... we could go on and on. Give them something they’ll keep and use, not just throw away or leave in their cart after they get back to the clubhouse.

Make an offer they can’t forget
People don’t need a coupon to remember a great deal. If you decided to offer a limited-time special on a product or service that a player’s business needs, you will leave with sealed deals or business in progress. Sit down with other members of your organization and brainstorm an offer that would benefit your business and catch the attention of tournament goers (don’t forget there will be other sponsors there, too).

Follow up (duh!)
This is where your contest or giveaway comes in handy if you had your players drop their cards in a bucket or write in their contact info. Keep your connection with the players by following up with an email or other message. In that message, mention what you talked about at the tournament (a specific product or service, personal connection or common interest) so it will jog their memory after a full day of playing.



Are you ready to put your networking and branding game to the test? Then sign up to become a hole or tee sponsor at the 28th Annual Spring Golf Tournament on May 21 at The Country Club of Lexington!

Email Sondra Gettys or download the tournament brochure to get your business a place on the course.